I find the game excellent because it covers such a wide range of student skills and capabilities. It is really good for all aspects, from reinforcing with meaning, fundamental math skills and knowledge, to high level logic

Master of Education (Mathematics)
Harry H.

I used the game as part of my activity centres for probability and co-ordinates. The kids enjoyed using the game at a variety of skill levels. They worked independently and with very little teacher supervision.

Elementary School Teacher
Cherin H-T.

We use the game as an important part of our .Home Study. program to teach our two children ages 8 and 11. We all enjoy playing .

Brian & Linda C.

My 7 year old daughter and I enjoy playing the game.
I like it because it helps my daughter build MATH, DATA MANAGEMENT, and PROBLEM-SOLVING skills. She thought it was FUN I felt it was EDUCATIONAL.
Playing helps us enjoy QUALITY TIME together.

Jim W.

My 8 year old daughter learned how to play quickly with very little guidance from me. She thought the game was easy to play and fun. I thought it was good because it helped make a smart little girl smarter.

David B.